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april's blog

Solar Energy International: Where the Solar Training Magic Happens

Posted on September 20, 2011
By Kathy Swartz, Renewable Energy Training Director

I mentioned in a previous solar training blog this summer that one of my favorite ways to start the training week is to go to introductions on the first day of class. This week's PV301L: Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based) workshop, which started Sept. 19, was no exception.

The class feels like family. Walking in the room the first day, I immediately noticed familiar faces. On the break, there was a lot of catching up between students who took classes together or met in the online world this year.

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A Summer of Solar Training Through the Eyes of a Work-Trader, Part Two

Posted on August 29, 2011
By Tasha Azizi, SEI Work-Trader

In my previous blog as a solar training work-trader for Solar Energy International, I mentioned that I first heard about SEI as I was researching for some social good my old utility scale solar company could partake in. I thought, "Well, we have lots of money ... Let's help people with it." I was slightly naïve about these efforts but as I was investigating, I came across SEI and the class Renewable Energy for the Developing World (REDW). I continuously went back to the SEI website and checked out what their classes were all about. I ...
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Solar Energy International Celebrates 20 Years of Renewable Energy Education with Style

Posted on August 18, 2011
By April E. Clark, Marketing Communications Coordinator

What a weekend! Solar Energy International celebrated 20 years of renewable energy and solar training Aug. 12-14 here in sunny Colorado. The weekend welcomed SEI friends, colleagues, alumni, and board members who traveled from Washington D.C. to Washington state, and nearly everywhere in between. Fun was had by all and the renewable energy buzz remained strong throughout the weekend's events. 

The momentus weekend began with rafting through Glenwood Canyon in Glenwood Springs. Nearly 40 alumni, staff and board ...
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Solar Energy International Introduces Solar Training Curriculum Program

Posted on August 2, 2011
Solar Energy International's Curriculum Licensing Program is a key way for training institutions to avoid reinventing the wheel when developing their own programs. Solar Energy International provides a professionally-developed, fully-packaged, solar training curriculum.

The Call for Quality Solar Energy Training Curriculum

"Hundreds of community colleges all over the U.S. are either considering or have started fledgling solar electric (photovoltaics) training programs. Until recently, Solar Energy International has been supporting community colleges with informal ...
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A Summer of Solar Training Through the Eyes of a Work-Trader, Part One

Posted on July 25, 2011
By Tasha Azizi, SEI Work-Trader

This summer, I recently completed two solar training classes with Solar Energy International (SEI). Although the classes about renewable energy for the developing world caught my attention at first, I always wanted to learn more hands-on, technical skills about solar.

This summer I made it happen.

I have worked at a utility-scale solarcompany, a green building and supply store, as well as a wind developer prior to my workshops with SEI. I am not an engineer or an electrician to say the least. My background is more on the ...
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Solar Training Workshop Offered with SolarSpies at Intersolar North America 2011

Posted on June 24, 2011
Solar Energy International and Jeff Spies are offering solar training on July 12 at Intersolar North America 2011 in San Francisco. This powerful one-day training workshop helps contractors, solar business professionals, and green job seekers understand the fast paced solar PV market and learn the key steps to succeeding in an increasingly competitive field. 

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Solar Energy International instructor Jeff Spies shares his insights on the practices and programs used by successful solar contractors to outlast the competition and stay ...
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Free SEI Webinar Offers Concrete Alternatives for Ground-mounted Solar Array Installs

Posted on June 13, 2011
Solar Energy International welcomes summer by continuing its free webinar series this month. On June 22, at 1 p.m. MDT, solar training experts SEI and foundation specialists Cantsink Manufacturing partner to present a free webinar on concrete alternatives for ground-mounted solar arrays.

Click here to register.

The hour-long webinar will discuss the need for solar professionals and contractors to learn to quickly install reliable ground-mounted foundations for solar applications using methods other than concrete.

Cantsink will cover such ...
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Solar Energy International: Not Just a Number

Posted on June 10, 2011
By Kathy Swartz
Renewable Energy Education Program Team Leader

I love working at SEI. Plain and simple. I love my colleagues, this amazing little town of Paonia, Colorado, where our solar training PV Lab Facility is located, and of course, the people who attend our workshops.

Each Monday, I get chills as I listen to workshop participants in our hands-on trainings introduce themselves. They each have a story to tell about how they came to this point in their lives where they are taking the leap into the renewable energy world and about how they came to find Solar ...
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SEI Alumnus Shares Hands-on Solar Training Experience with Installation in Tucson

Posted on May 27, 2011
By Paul Avallone
Solar Energy International Alumnus

This spring, I attended Solar Energy International's PV101: Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct) hands-on solar training workshop with installation in Tucson, Arizona. The class discussion portion of the traning was held at a golf course clubhouse.

Our co-instructor Ed Eaton led us through the history of photovoltaics (PV) technology, reinforcing the learning we achieved in PV101 PREP with discussion and a slide presentation. The lecture, exercises and quizzes carried the class through solar site ...
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Solar Suitcase Project Brings Hands-on Training to Teen Mother’s Program

Posted on May 13, 2011
By Soozie Lindbloom
Solar Energy International Solar Suitcase Instructor

This April, Solar Energy International worked once again with the Teen Parent Program at Yampah Mountain High School in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, to build solar suitcases for health clinics in areas of the world with little-to-no access to electricity.

These solar suitcases are stand-alone photovoltaic systems that fit - you guessed it - in a suitcase. They are designed to provide reliable electricity for critical lighting and communication needs within the clinics.

The class was ...
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