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Solar Training (Electric)

CE510: Tips, Tools and Techniques of the Solar Industry

Veteran SEI instructor Ken Gardner shares lessons learned from on-the-job experience and best practices compiled from a variety of industry leaders over the years. NABCEP Continuing Education - PV Installer Recertification: 2 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or 'Other' Training Hours; Technical Sales Recertification: 2 Non-Technical/Other training hours.
Location: Online
2 hours | $99

CE511: PV System O&M Strategies and Techniques

This is a two hour discussion about operations and maintenance (O&M) of grid-direct PV systems.  Long-term, reliable operation is critical to ensure peak productivity and predictable return-on-investment (ROI).  As such, O&M is a contractual obligation in commercial and utility scale applications, and a likely growth area for all PV markets in the future. NABCEP Continuing Education - PV Installer Recert.: 2 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or 'Other' Training Hrs; Technical Sales Recertification:
Location: Online
2 hours | $99

CE512: AC Coupling

Although the concept of AC coupling has been maturing over the last ten years or so, there are still many questions that surround this unique model of grid tied battery backup and stand-alone systems. This webinar will explore the basics behind AC coupling by explaining what it is, how it is accomplished, the advantages of using this concept and when it makes sense to use such a topology. NABCEP Continuing Education - PV Installer Recertification: 0.75 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or 'Other' Training
Location: Online
45 Minutes | $49

CE513: Rooftop PV: What You Need to Know About Roof Systems

This webinar will provide the basics about how roofs function and will explain in detail considerations specific to roof systems when PV systems are installed.  Designers and installers will learn how to integrate PV arrays with roof systems. NABCEP Continuing Education - PV Installer or Technical Sales Recertification: 2 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or 'Other' Training Hours.
Location: Online
2 hours | $99

CE514: Rooftop PV: What You Need To Know About Building and Fire Codes

This webinar will discuss the new code requirements for PV installations in easy-to-understand ways so the codes become less intimidating.  You’re probably very familiar with the electric code requirements, but are you familiar with the building and fire codes? NABCEP Continuing Education - PV Installer or Technical Sales Recertification: 2 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or 'Other' Training Hours.
Location: Online
2 hours | $99

CE516: 2014 National Electrical Code® and PV Systems

The National Electrical Code® drives industry-wide best practices as well as product development cycles of PV component manufacturers, so whether you’re an installer, designer, manufacturer, engineer, or building official, it’s critical to stay on top of the game.  NABCEP Continuing Education - PV Installer Recertification:  3 Code Based or 'Other' training hours; Technical Sales Recertification: 2 Non-Technical/Other training hours.
Location: Online
3 hours | $149

CE517: Performance Modeling of PV Systems

Estimating the production of PV systems is critical for their success.  Modeling is required for any sort of financial calculations, as well as for back-testing system performance.  Furthermore, different system design architectures and equipment choices can easily be simulated and compared, which can lead to more efficient, better performing systems being installed.   It's a complicated topic - and performance calculation tools offer nearly endless "knobs" to turn, any of which can
Location: Online
3.5 hours | $149

NAB-PV: NABCEP Entry Level Exam - PV

Solar Energy International proctors the NABCEP Entry Level Exam (ELE) in its Paper & Pencil format on select Friday evenings after some of our PV301L- Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based). It is recommended that your education requirement be completed prior to registering to take the exam. You must call to register at 970-963-8855. See below for schedule and details.
Location: Paonia, CO
1 Days | $170.00

FV203 PREP: Fundamentos de sistemas FV basados en baterías- en linea

El objetivo de este curso es crear una comprensión sólida de los conceptos fundamentales necesarios para trabajar con sistemas fotovoltaicos basados en baterías. El alumno aprenderá sobre el propósito, las aplicaciones y los criterios de diseño necesarios para los distintos equipos que componen un sistema FV basado en baterías, como reguladores de carga, baterías e inversores basados en baterías. Los estudiantes aprenderán a realizar un análisis de cargas y cómo trabajar en un ambiente
Location: Online
18 horas de crédito / acceso a 6 semanas | $150

Solmetric Certified Shade Analysis Course

This is an online, interactive course training the student in the best practices in regards to performing accurate Shade Analysis Measurements. Upon completion, students will receive a Solmetric Certificate along with the Shade Analysis Badge to be placed on business cards, resumes, and solar designs. The certificate also counts for 3 NABCEP CE credits. The purpose of this course is to increase the student’s understanding of the theory and concepts behind Shade Analysis, how to then use those concepts
Location: Online
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